These are what we call “Basic Fiber Solutions” and convert electrical signals into optical signals and then transport over fiber optic links. These are economical “point to point” solutions meaning they require a dedicated fiber link for each signal. Typical maximum distance is 10km for Singlemode fiber. (Much less for Multimode). For transporting multiple signals over a single fiber link, or transporting signals over longer distances (40km and 80km), please refer to the “CWDM Fiber Solutions” category.

ODT 1510 yellobrik Serial Transceiver

ODT 1510

Serial RS232,422,485 + GPI Fiber Transceiver

OET 1510 yellobrik Ethernet Transceiver

OET 1510

1G Ethernet to Fiber Transceiver (Extender)

OET 1910

10G Ethernet to Fiber Transceiver (Extender)

ORR 1402

Dual Channel 12G to SDI Fiber Optic Receiver

ORR 1802-2

SD/HD/3G Dual SDI to Fiber Optic Receiver

ORX 1400

12G Fiber Optic to SDI Receiver

ORX 1802 yellobrik SDI Fiber ReceiverLYNX Fiber Receiver SFPs

ORX 1802

SD/HD/3G SDI to Fiber Optic Receiver

OTR 1410

12G / 6G / 3G / 1.5G SDI / Fiber Transceiver

OTR 1441 yellobrik 4K Transceiver Set

OTR 1441

Quad 3G (4k) Fiber Transmission System

OTR 1442

Quad 3G (4k) Fiber Transmission System

OTR 1810-1

SD/HD/3G SDI – Fiber Optic Transceiver (10km)

OTR 1A41

Quad 12G (8k) Fiber Transport System

OTR 1441 yellobrik in RFR 1018 Rack Frame

OTR 1A42

Quad 12G (8K) Fiber Transport System

OTT 1412

Dual Channel 12G SDI to Fiber Optic Transmitter