OTR 1210

MADI / Fiber Transceiver


Digital Audio, Fiber, MADI


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  • MADI Optical to MADI Coaxial converter
  • Supports up to 64 channels of audio (IN and OUT)
  • Real time conversion with no degradation of signal quality
  • Singlemode and Multimode versions
  • Up to 10km* (6.2 miles) using Singlemode fiber
  • Up to 550m* (1804 feet) using Multimode fiber
  • Two Multimode versions available 850nm or 1310nm
  • Duplex LC optical connections
  • Supports hot swapping and hot plugging

* Distance is an approximation. Actual distances achieved can be longer or shorter depending on the type of fiber cable and accumulated optical losses in the fiber link. Determine link losses and perform optical budget calculations to ensure correct operation.


The OTR 1210 is a MADI fiber transmitter and receiver combined in a single package. The module is designed to convert up to 64 audio channels bi-directionally (64 IN & 64 OUT) between MADI Optical and MADI Coaxial (electrical) formats. Conversion is real time [no latency] and does not degrade the signal quality.

The OTR 1210 is compact and cost effective solution to extend the reach of MADI audio over long distances. When paired with another OTR 1210 at the receiving end (using two singlemode fiber links) you have a cost effective, zero latency MADI extender system for distances up to 10km*

Three versions are available. The singlemode fiber version will transport MADI over distances up to 10km*, and the Multimode versions up to 550m*.

Note: For connectivity to third party MADI Multimode fiber equipment the 1310nm version should be used.



LC to FC Duplex Fiber Adapter Kit


LC to SC Duplex Fiber Adapter Kit


LC to ST Duplex Fiber Adapter Kit

RFR 1000 yellobrik central power connectors

RFR 1200

yellobrik 19″ 1RU Rack Frame

XLR 1000 yellobrik XLR power adapter cable

XLR 1000

4 Pin XLR Camera Battery Adapter Cable

Ordering Information

UPC / EANModelDescription
4250479324671OTR 1210MADI to Fiber Transceiver SMF (LC Connector)
4250479324688OTR 1210 MM-850MADI to Fiber Transceiver 850nm MM
4250479326224OTR 1210MM-1310MADI to Fiber Transceiver 1310nm MM
4250479329041RFR 12001RU 19" Chassis for 14 yellobriks
4250479315013RFR 1001 Single Module Mounting Bracket
4250479314016P-TAP 1000P-TAP Battery Power Adapter Cable
4250479314009XLR-10004 Pin XLR Battery Power Adapter Cable
4250479323384LC/FC DUPDuplex LC/FC Fiber Adapter
4250479318267LC/SC DUP Duplex LC/SC Fiber Adapter
4250479318168LC/ST DUP Duplex LC/ST Fiber Adapter
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