Shows all of the 12G SDI solutions currently available

CQS 1441

Bi-directional Single-Link to Quad-Link Converter

ORR 1402

Dual Channel 12G to SDI Fiber Optic Receiver

ORX 1400

12G / 6G / 3G / 1.5G Fiber Optic to SDI Receiver

OTR 1410

12G / 6G / 3G / 1.5G SDI / Fiber Transceiver

OTT 1412

Dual Channel 12G SDI to Fiber Optic Transmitter

OTX 1440

12G SDI to Fiber Optic Transmitter (CWDM)

DVD 1417

12G 1>7 SDI Distribution Amplifier

DVD 1423

12G Dual 1>3 SDI Distribution Amplifier


12G SDI Fiber Optic Transceiver


12G SDI Fiber Optic Transmitter