These kits use WDM (Wide Division Multiplexing) for bidirectional communication through a single fiber link up to 10km. Each kit includes a pair of matched modules, dual power supplies and a transport case.

OBD 1210

MADI Fiber Bidirectional Transceiver  (10km)

OBD 1410

SDI Bidirectional Transceiver SD/HD/3G/6G/12G (10km)

OBD 1510E yellobrik Ethernet Transceiver Set (WDM)

OBD 1510 E

Ethernet Fiber Bidirectional Transceiver (10km)

OBD 1810 yellobrik SDI Transceiver Set (WDM)

OBD 1810

SDI Bidirectional Transceiver SD/HD/3G (10km)