CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is used to accommodate multiple signals into a single [unidirectional or bidirectional] fiber link. Each module has up to 18 wavelength selections, and when used with our CWDM multiplexers up to 18 signals can be used in a single fiber link.

ODT 1540 yellobrik Serial Transceiver (CWDM)

ODT 1540

Serial Data + GPI Fiber Transceiver (CWDM)

OET 1540 yellobrik Ethernet Transceiver (CWDM)

OET 1540

Ethernet Fiber Transceiver (CWDM)

OTR 1240

MADI / Fiber Transceiver (CWDM)

OTR 1840 yellobrik SDI Fiber Transceiver (CWDM)

OTR 1840

SDI Fiber Transceiver (CWDM) SD/HD/3G

OTT 1842 yellobrik SDI Fiber Transmitter (CWDM)

OTT 1842

Dual Channel SDI Fiber Transmitter (CWDM) SD/HD/3G

OTX 1440

12G SDI to Fiber Optic Transmitter (CWDM)

OTX 1742 yellobrik Analog video / sync fiber transmitter (CWDM)

OTX 1742

Sync / Analog Video Fiber Transmitter (CWDM)

OTX 1842 yellobrik SDI Fiber Transmitter (CWDM)

OTX 1842

SDI Fiber Transmitter (CWDM) SD/HD/3G