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Welcome to LYNX Technik Inc. We serve the North American, South American and Canadian markets from this location. Please click here to visit our European website for all other locations

LYNX Technik AG designs and manufactures high quality terminal equipment (or glue-ware) for the Television Broadcast and Professional Audio Video marketplace.

Our solutions address almost any 12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI video, audio or fiber optic interfacing need. Products include the popular yellobriks® and yelloGUI software, as well as our hand-held Testor™ test generators. Our Series 5000™ terminal equipment supports small, mid-size, and large studio installations encompassing multiple frames of modules spanning across many different locations all networked into the centralized APPolo™ control system. And our most recent addition  greenMachine® has revolutionized the market being the world’s first 100% APP driven AV Appliance.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest possible standards. We take pride in offering innovative designs using the very latest technology with outstanding performance and reliability

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All LYNX Technik products are developed and manufactured in Germany

Featured Products

PDM 1484 B

12G AES Audio Embedder / De-embedder (unbalanced AES)

CHD 1412

12G (4K) HDMI to SDI Converter + Frame Synchronizer

CQS 1462

Bi-Directional SQD / 2SI Quad Link to Single Link Converter

PDM 1484 D

12G AES or Analog Audio Embedder / De-embedder (balanced AES)

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