CQS 1441

Bi-directional Single-Link to Quad-Link Converter


CWDM, Fiber, SDI 1.5G, SDI 12G, SDI 3Gbit, SDI 6G


Product Documentation


  • Support for Quad 2SI to 12G SDI or 12G SDI to Quad 2SI conversions
  • 4K UHD 12G SDI Fiber and BNC Input (Fiber SFP optional)
  • 4K UHD 12G SDI Fiber and BNC Output (Fiber SFP optional)
  • 4K UHD 12G SDI BNC Loop Output
  • 4x 3G SDI BNC Input
  • 4x 3G SDI BNC Output
  • Control / configure via LYNX Technik yelloGUI
  • Fully compatible with Rack frame LYNX Technik R FR 1000-1


The CQS 1441 is a compact solution to bridge between 4K UHD quad link 2SI devices and single link 12G SDI devices. The module can be configured to convert to or from Quad link 2SI.

The module is suitable for all SMPTE standard signals from 1.5Gbit/s to 12Gbit/s (SMPTE 292M, 424M, 2081 and 2082)

Note. This module DOES NOT support SQD or “Square Division” quad conversions, only 2SI

Conversion modes:

  • 12G SDI single link to 4 x 3G Quad link (2SI)
  • 4 x 3G Quad link (2SI) to 12G SDI single link
  • 6G SDI single link to 4 x 1.5G SDI
  • 4 x 1.5G SDI to 6G SDI single link

With the distance limitations of 12G SDI electrical connections, the CQS 1441 is equipped with an integrated SFP fiber port which can accept a number of 12G fiber options depending on the specific application.



12G SDI Fiber Optic Transmitter

XLR 1000 yellobrik XLR power adapter cable

XLR 1000

4 Pin XLR Camera Battery Adapter Cable

Ordering Information

UPC / EANModelDescription
4250479325678CQS 1441Bi-directional Single-Link to Quad-Link converter
4250479310001RFR 10001RU 19" Chassis for 14 yellobriks
4250479315013RFR 1001 Single Module Mounting Bracket
4250479314016P-TAP 1000P-TAP Battery Power Adapter Cable
4250479314009XLR-1000 4 Pin XLR Battery Power Adapter Cable
12G Fiber SFPs
4250479325029OH-TR-1212G SDI Fiber Transceiver SFP
4250479325036OH-TX-1212G Fiber Transmitter SFP
4250479325043OH-RX-1212G Fiber Reveiver SFP
12G CWDM Fiber SFPs
4250479325630OH-TX-12-1270SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1270nm
4250479325647OH-TX-12-1290SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1290nm
4250479325654OH-TX-12-1310SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1310nm
4250479325661OH-TX-12-1330SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1330nm
4250479325685OH-TX-12-1550 SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1550nm
4250479325692OH-TX-12-1570 SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1570nm
4250479325708OH-TX-12-1590 SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1590nm
4250479325715OH-TX-12-1610SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1610nm
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