LYNX Technik, provider of modular signal processing interfaces, announces that is has launched seven new fiber yellobriks. These new models offer a cost-effective solution to convert fiber to copper ethernet, copper to fiber, fiber to fiber (multi-mode <> single-mode), or simply to extend electrical ethernet signals over a bi-directional single fiber; with support up to 10Gbit/s.

By using the LYNX Technik yellobrik Ethernet | Fiber conversion solutions, facilities can take advantage of fiber optic cabling to extend the reach of 10Git/s Ethernet signals over a greater distance – up to 20 Km / 12 miles. These converters enable the connections of copper-based Ethernet equipment to single and multi-mode fiber optic cable, all while offering a stable and high-speed signal connection between locations.

The new yellobriks provide a variety of connectivity solutions where cabling may be a challenge, or where long-distance signal distribution is required. They are hot swappable and hot pluggable, user-friendly with all the instructions and indicators printed directly on the units themselves. Their ease of use facilitates easy setup and quick troubleshooting.

The OET 1910 models offer fiber to copper as well as copper to fiber conversion and include two 10Gbit/s ports per module with a maximum throughput of 20Gbit/s in full duplex mode. The OBD 1910 models provide a 10Gbit/s ethernet extension over a bi-directional single fiber, also including two ports per module with a maximum throughput of 20Gbit/s in full duplex mode. The OET 1940 models are multi-functional in that they provide fiber to copper, copper to fiber as well as fiber to fiber conversion. They also support CWDM fiber transmission for the full 18 wavelengths of coverage. In addition, a variety of SFP fiber transceiver modules are available as add-ons depending on the application and the distance of transmission required.

All these new modules can be used as standalone units or mounted onto 19” yellobrik rack trays to build a larger conversion system and offer optional fiber adapter kits for adding ST or SC fiber connections on the yellobriks.









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