IDC 1411

AI Based Instant Dialog Cleaner


Analog Audio, De-embedder, Fiber, HDMI, SDI 1.5G, SDI 270MBit, SDI 3G


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  • 1.5G, 3G, or 12G SDI video Input
  • Select audio source from embedded audio or external AES Input (2 channels)
  • Embedded or AES processed audio outputs (2 channels)
  • Optional Fiber SFP for fiber SDI I/O
  • Video is automatically delayed to match audio delay
  • Settings for Speech Gain, Background Gain, Compressor and more.
  • Module Settings and signal routing applied via LYNX Centraal or yelloGUI control software.


The IDC 1411 is the hardware solution for enhancing speech based on the Audionamix® Instant Dialog Cleaner Software Plug in. Application examples include parallel production of content for hearing impaired viewers, improved production of automated closed captions with clearer audio, and reducing background noise and enhancing dialog for event sports / news / studio commentary

The module is designed to process uncompressed SDI video formats with embedded audio up to 12G via BNC or fiber, and also direct AES audio input via a BNC connection. SDI Output can be routed to fiber or BNC (electrical) via the LynxCentraal or yelloGUI control software.

When connected to a PC or MAC via LynxCentraal or yelloGUI control software the user has access to the IDC basic settings, two sequential equalizers, and a compressor. Additionally, each filter section has its own gain settings.

Powered by a deep neural network that separates and preserves speech in real time gain can be applied to speech (dialog) and background sounds separately. This allows the removal of background interference without compromising integrity of the dialog.

The module is suitable for all SMPTE standard signals conforming to SMPTE 292M, 424M, and 2082 (1.5Gbit/s, 3Gbit/s, and 12Gbit/s)


RFR 1000 yellobrik central power connectors

RFR 1200

yellobrik 19″ 1RU Rack Frame

XLR 1000 yellobrik XLR power adapter cable

XLR 1000

4 Pin XLR Camera Battery Adapter Cable

Ordering Information

UPC / EANModelDescription
4250479328914IDC 1411AI Instant Dialog Cleaner
4250479329041RFR 12001RU 19" Chassis for 14 yellobriks
4250479315013RFR 1001 Single Module Mounting Bracket
4250479314016P-TAP 1000P-TAP Battery Power Adapter Cable
4250479314009XLR-1000 4 Pin XLR Battery Power Adapter Cable
Fiber Options
4250479325036OH-TX-12G-LC12G SDI Fiber Transmitter (LC)
4250479327528OH-TX-12G-ST12G SDI Fiber Transmitter (ST)
4250479325043OH-RX-12G-LC12G SDI Fiber Receiver (LC)
4250479327511OH-RX-12G-ST12G SDI Fiber Receiver (ST)
4250479325029OH-TR-12G-LC12G SDI Transceiver
CWDM Fiber (TX)
4250479325630OH-TX-12-1270SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1270nm
4250479325647OH-TX-12-1290SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1290nm
4250479325654OH-TX-12-1310SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1310nm
4250479325661OH-TX-12-1330SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1330nm
4250479327979OH-TX-12-1350SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1350nm
4250479327986OH-TX-12-1370SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1370nm
4250479327993OH-TX-12-1390SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1390nm
4250479328006OH-TX-12-1410SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1410nm
4250479328013OH-TX-12-1430SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1430nm
4250479328020OH-TX-12-1450SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1450nm
4250479328037OH-TX-12-1470SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1470nm
4250479328044OH-TX-12-1490SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1490nm
4250479328051OH-TX-12-1510SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1510nm
4250479328068OH-TX-12-1530SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1530nm
4250479325685OH-TX-12-1550 SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1550nm
4250479325692OH-TX-12-1570 SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1570nm
4250479325708OH-TX-12-1590 SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1590nm
4250479325715OH-TX-12-1610SDI TX Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1610nm
CWDM Fiber (TR)
4250479326552OH-TR-12-1270SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1270nm
4250479326569OH-TR-12-1290SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1290nm
4250479326576OH-TR-12-1310SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1310nm
4250479326583OH-TR-12-1330SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1330nm
4250479326682OH-TR-12-1350SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1350nm
4250479326699OH-TR-12-1370SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1370nm
4250479326705OH-TR-12-1390SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1390nm
4250479326712OH-TR-12-1410SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1410nm
4250479326729OH-TR-12-1430SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1430nm
4250479326736OH-TR-12-1450SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1450nm
4250479326743OH-TR-12-1470SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1470nm
4250479326750OH-TR-12-1490SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1490nm
4250479326767OH-TR-12-1510SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1510nm
4250479326774OH-TR-12-1530SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1530nm
4250479326781OH-TR-12-1550 SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1550nm
4250479326798OH-TR-12-1570 SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1570nm
4250479326804OH-TR-12-1590 SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1590nm
4250479326811OH-TR-12-1610SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1610nm

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