LYNX Technik, provider of modular signal processing interfaces, announces its new yellobrik module designed to convert 12G SDI video signals to HDMI signals.

It’s the ideal tool for a host of audio and video monitoring and display applications and includes a host of monitoring features including a clean HDMI feed of the SDI signal – direct conversion without scaling, burn-in windows for timecode, 16-channel audio level meters, safe area markets, H/V delay to view the horizontal and vertical blanking intervals and more.

The CDH 1411 accompanies the existing line-up of CDH yellobrik converters, with SDI support now up to 12G.

The CDH 1411 is also available with various fiber I/O connectivity, which provides a system solution for robust fiber transmission with integrated HDMI monitoring at each end of the installation. Facilities can transmit the SDI signal over fiber with the fiber transmitter option or receive an SDI fiber input and convert to electrical SDI and HDMI for display. This unit also allows you to send and receive SDI fiber signals simultaneously. The module can also be equipped with CWDM fiber for multiplexed applications with 18 wavelength selections.
As with all yellobrik models, the CDH 1411 is compatible with yelloGUI, LYNX Technik’s free software application that offers users advanced settings for the yellobriks. Key settings for yellobriks are easily controlled via the front panel rotary switches and indicators, and the yelloGUI provides users with a host of advanced settings and adjustments.

The CDH 1411 can be used as standalone or installed in a yellobrik rack frame for larger systems installations.

This new yellobrik is available for orders now, shipping in early 2022. More information available here