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Welcome to LYNX Technik Inc. We serve the North American, South American and Canadian markets from this location. Please click here to visit our European website for all other locations

LYNX Technik AG designs and manufactures high quality terminal equipment (or glue-ware) for the Television Broadcast and Professional Audio Video marketplace.

Our solutions address almost any 4K/3G/HD/SD-SDI video, audio or fiber optic interfacing need. Products include the popular yellobriks® and yelloGUI software, as well as our hand-held Testor™ test generators. Our Series 5000™ terminal equipment supports small, mid-size, and large studio installations encompassing multiple frames of modules spanning across many different locations all networked into the centralized APPolo™ control system. And our most recent addition  greenMachine® has revolutionized the market being the world’s first 100% APP driven AV Appliance.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest possible standards. We take pride in offering innovative designs using the very latest technology with outstanding performance and reliability


All LYNX Technik products are developed and manufactured in Germany

Featured Products

DVD 1423

12G Dual 1>3 SDI Distribution Amplifier

DVD 1417

12G 1>7 SDI Distribution Amplifier

PEC 1864

3Gbit SDI/HDMI H.264 Streamer and Recorder

ORX 1400

12G / 6G / 3G / 1.5G Fiber Optic to SDI Receiver

Latest News

  • LYNX Technik greenMachine® Wins Broadcast Industry Award at SATIS 2017

    LYNX Technik AG announces that its greenMachine APP-based and software-defined solution has received a SATIS audience favorite award in the Diffusion & Distribution category. This is LYNX Technik’s fourth innovation award for the new greenMachine® platform. SATIS is an annual event held in Paris, France, highlighting and showcasing the latest audiovisual developments in broadcast and…

  • LYNX Technik Showcases Video over IP Technology Outlook at IBC 2017

    LYNX Technik will be demonstrating a Video over IP technology preview of an IP-based infrastructure using its greenMachine® platform and APPs at IBC 2017 stand 8.C70. LYNX will also be using IBC as an opportunity to have an open conversation with its customers and partners about its Video over IP technology outlook and implementation of…

  • LYNX Technik Makes 12G SDI for 4k a Reality at IBC 2017

    LYNX Technik has a focus on 12G SDI for 4k/UHD workflows at IBC 2017, stand 8.C70. Ultra high definition (UHD) requires a system that can transfer data at a rate of 12 Gbps, over a single coaxial cable or optical fiber. At IBC, LYNX Technik will be showcasing its 12G SDI portfolio that is optimized…

  • LYNX Technik Launches H.264 Streaming & Recording yellobrik

    The new PEC 1864 H.264 encoder provides a solution for users to simultaneously stream content while recording it, an ideal solution for delivering, streaming and archiving content efficiently and affordably. The module houses two independent encoders; a stream encoder and a record encoder. Users can stream content with simultaneous recording, stream-only, or record-only. The independent…

  • LYNX Technik AG introduces new 12G SDI capable fiber transport modules.

    LYNX Technik’s already extensive line-up of fiber optic transport solutions are now augmented with three new solutions that provide error-free transmitting and receiving of 12G (4096 x 2160 @60 Hz), plus 6G, and 3G signals if required, all with full uncompressed video quality. All modules provide support for a maximum distance of approximately 10 Km…

  • LYNX Technik AG launches the much anticipated greenMachine

    greenMachine is a completely new concept adopting a three prong approach to product definition and function. Rather than being a fixed application specific box, greenMachine is a combination of general purpose hardware, downloadable APPs for customizable functionality and powerful control software. With greenMachine, the industry has a way to reimagine their approach to purchasing, upgrading…

  • LYNX Technik introduces a new multi-format SDI Frame Synchronizer yellobrik

    The new yellobrik (model: PVD 1800) offers a high quality feature set derived from LYNX Technik’s renowned Series 5000 rack & card frame synchronizers. The Series 5000 solutions are considered to be some of the most versatile and robust frame synchronizers on the market today.   The flexible architecture of the PVD 1800 is unique…

  • LYNX Technik announces the launch of its three new MADI fiber optical to MADI coaxial converters

    MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) is a bi-directional protocol that transmits multi-channel audio over coax or fiber optic lines. MADI is commonly used on today’s digital multi-track recorders, digital live sound mixers, and digital performance systems that utilize multi-track technology.   LYNX Technik’s three new yellobriks for MADI allow for the transmission and extension of…

  • LYNX Technik Announces Technical Strategic Alliance with Multiviewer Specialist Craltech

    LYNX Technik AG, provider of modular interfaces for broadcast signal processing applications, announces its strategic and technical partnership with Craltech, a specialist in multiviewer systems with over 30 years of experience in professional video. The two companies are leaders in broadcast and professional audio video technology in their respective fields: LYNX Technik in signal processing…

  • LYNX Technik yellobrik Enable Live Streaming & Recording for Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg

    In 2014, the Research Community, Electronic Media (Electronic Media eV Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V. – FeM), supported the streaming & recording technology and personnel requirements for the 31st Chaos Communication Congress (31C3), an annual four-day conference on technology, society and utopia. The Congress offers lectures, workshops and various events on many topics including, but not…