4K 12G or 4 x 3G Audio and Video Test Signal Generator with AV Sync Analyzer Function.


Analog Audio, Digital Audio, Fiber, HDMI, HDR, SDI 1.5G, SDI 12Gbit, SDI 270MBit, SDI 3Gbit


  • Multiformat Test signal generator
  • Single channel SDI 4K UHD or four channel (up to 3G) modes of operation
  • Includes a collection of standard Static and dynamic patterns
  • HDR patterns for PQ, HLG and SLog3
  • Load your own patterns / logos
  • Text overlay for channel identification
  • 16 channel audio test generator
  • Audio AV delay analysis tool
  • Reference output (sync) Bi Level (SD) or Tri-Level (HD)
  • Reference input to genlock generator, with adjustable output timing
  • Integrated control panel with color display for live image monitoring, audio level meters, status indication and menu driven control interface
  • Small footprint: 1RU high x half 19″ rack width
  • 3x electrical SD/HD/3G SDI outputs. Level A and Level B DL
  • 1x electrical SD/HD/3G/12G SDI Output. 12G Single Link / Quad Link 2SI Level A /BDL
  • 1x 4k/UHD HDMI output (1.4b)
  • 1 x Electrical LAN I/O connection
  • 4 x Balanced analog audio or digital AES Audio outputs
  • 4 x GPI inputs and 4x GPI outputs
  • 1x Optional SDI fiber output (basic fiber or CWDM): SD/HD/3G
  • 1x Optional 12G SDI fiber output (basic fiber or CWDM): HD/3G/6G/12G
  • 1x Optional Ethernet LAN fiber connection (basic or CWDM)
  • Optional redundant power protection
  • Optional 19″ rack frame
  • Full remote control using LYNX Centraal control software
  • Nova controller with custom control included
  • Full SNMP V2 support
  • Compatible with all titan greenMachine Constellations (Configurations)



LYNX Technik has long been recognized for its feature-rich and user friendly multi-format test signal generators through its “Testor” series.

The greenMachine Testor is the company’s latest offering of test signal generators. greenMachine Testor is an ideal trouble-shooting A/V tool for technicians and engineers working in the field, in-studio applications and for alignment tasks in master control rooms. Anywhere there is an A/V testing, designing, repairing and troubleshooting environment, the greenMachine Testor will be useful.

The greenMachine Testor supports 12G (4K UHD), 3G, HD, SD-SDI formats and when operating in UHD mode, the Testor operates as a single channel test generator. For 3G/HD/SD video formats the Testor provides four independent test generators.

The greenMachine Testor can be switched between two configurations:

  1. Single Channel 4K/UHD (up to 3840 x 2160p) – 12Gbit/s SDI and quad link (2SI) outputs
  2. Four independent channels up to 3G SDI

A HDMI (1.4b) output is also provided, and optional fiber outputs are also available (12G SDI and 3G SDI)

A set of standard static and dynamic video test signals and patterns are included, and for added flexibility, users can upload their own user-defined patterns. Logos and text can also be added to the test signals, which is useful for channel identification. The included collection of patterns support all video standards up to 4K/UHD. User-defined pattern uploads can be re-sampled for other standards.

The greenMachine Testor also offers specialized test signals for various HDR standards (PQ, HLG, SLog3). Plus, the full collection of test signals can be shared with all greenMachine devices in a network (greenUniverse). The integrated graphics editor provides a tool for users to place images & logos, add text, and even add user-defined signal patterns and graphics. All items can be moved and edited simply with a computer mouse. A scaler ensures users can scale test patterns to match the desired output format.

The powerful AV delay analyzer and measurement tool allows for the precise measurement of the audio/video delay in 64 simultaneous channels of embedded audio in a 12G signal (or 16 channels in 3G). Simply feed the Testor pattern output into the signal path to be analyzed and then back into the Testor input. The results are shown graphically in Lynx Centraal to visually identify early or late timing with a precise AV delay measurement of each audio channel.

The greenGUI software provides users with a true, advanced preview interface (including zoom) to check test signals in the GUI, control the outputs, format the settings, and manage user-defined image and test pattern uploads. (The greenGUI software is complimentary and can be downloaded from our website)

The greenMachine Testor also includes a 16-channel audio test generator with adjustable level, phase, frequency, mix-down and a dynamic EBU/AV sequence. (click here for more information on the EBU/AV test pattern) All the audio signals are embedded into the SDI video or can be routed to the external audio outputs of greenMachine.

Through the audio crossbar all audio channels can be individually assigned to the embedder inputs and the external audio outputs (AES or analog). The timing of the audio and the video test signals including the output reference signal (Bi-level SD or Tri-Level HD) can be individually adjusted in relation to an attached input reference signal.

The greenMachine titan is equipped with a fully featured local control interface with an LCD which can display pattern previews and audio level meters in addition to providing the graphical user interface for local control.

Advanced configurations, monitoring and remote control is possible via the LYNXCentraal application (PC or MAC)

Each greenMachine is preloaded with all the available constellations (configurations). This package has the GMC-TESTOR constellation installed and licensed. You can freely load any of the available constellations (configurations) for testing and evaluation at any time, the video and audio will be watermarked until licensed. You can have multiple constellations licensed for the same machine and switching between configurations takes only a few seconds. Constellations can also be shared if you have more than one greenMachine on the network.

To learn more about the unique capability of the greenMachine “constellations” concept, please click here


This package includes:

  • 1 x GM 6840 greenMachine Titan Hardware Platform
  • 1 x GMC-TESTOR Constellation (licensed and installed)
  • 1 x RPS A100 US Primary Power Supply (redundant optional)




3Gbit SDI Fiber Optic Transmitter

RFR 6000

19″ 1RU Rack Frame for Green Machine

RXT 6001

19″ Rack Frame Extension for RFR 6000

Ordering Information

UPC / EANModelDescription
4250479929357GMPT TESTOR AV US4K UHD Test Signal Generator
4250479324466RFR 60001RU 19" Chassis for 1 or 2 Green Machines
4250479324367RPS 6120 USRedundant power Supply
4250479326507RXT 6001PSU Extension Chassis
4250479327573GM HARDCASEABS Transport case for greenMachine
3G SDI Fiber
4250479318205OH-TX-13G SDI Transmitter SFP (non CWDM)
12G SDI Fiber
4250479325036OH-TX-1212G SDI Transmitter SFP (non CWDM)


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