LYNX Technik AG announces an upgrade to its Series 5000 3G-SDI/DVB-ASI 2-Channel Changeover Switch. LYNX will be showing this new enhanced signal processing card.

The new SVD 5812-1R extends the feature set of the existing Series 5000 2-channel protection/emergency changeover switch, the SVD 5812.

The SVD 5812-R changeover switch provides automatic or manual SDI switching for when a designated input is lost. This module will take two SDI inputs (program and bypass) and provides two sets of SDI outputs. When the switch is activated, the outputs are swapped. The switch can be activated automatically when the program input is lost, or can be switched manually. All changeover switching is performed electronically by the cards internal router.

The key new feature in this card module is its double failover emergency switching capability. In the event of a power failure or the module is removed, the signal is protected by relays fitted on the rear panel. The relay maintains the integrity of the selected signal at the output, and automatically outputs the input to the main output that was last selected. The switch and relays can be configured to switch manually from an external GPI input trigger or from the control system GUI.

The operator can control the changeover switch by its integrated dip switch, or remotely control, monitor the status, and access error reporting with the LYNX Technik APPolo Control System.

The SVD-5812-R is ideally suited for a number of broadcast applications where a simple choice between two inputs or outputs is required. The module is compatible with SDI signals up to 3Gbit/s as well as DVB-ASI.