LYNX Technik introduces its new Ethernet to Fiber Transceiver SwitchOET5501

The Series 5000 OET 5501 3-port Ethernet Switch extends the reach of electrical Ethernet signals over long distances using a constant high speed 1 Gbit optical connection. To connect two distant locations, this switch is paired with another OET 5501 module, or the yellobrik OET 1510 transceiver module.

The OET 5501 supports CWDM fiber transmission for the full 18 wavelengths of coverage. In addition, a variety of SFP fiber transceiver modules, including a multimode option are available as add-ons depending on the application and the distance of transmission required.

As with all Series 5000 modules, full control is offered by the APPolo Control System, including CustomControl, a new APPolo control feature that incorporates an easy to use editor for creating and building customized virtual software control interfaces.

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