DVA 1714

Wide Band 1>4 Analog Video/Sync Distribution Amplifier

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Distribution, Analog SDTV, Analog HDTV



  • 1 input and 4 outputs
  • Wide band – 30MHz
  • Adjustable gain and EQ
  • Input Clamp
  • Input present LED indication
  • Suitable for analog SDTV/HDTV video or Sync signals


The DVA 1714 is a compact general purpose wide band analog distribution amplifier suitable for analog SDTV and HDTV video signals.

The module can also be used for analog SDTV Bi-level sync pulses, black reference and analog HDTV Tri-level sync pulses.

Features include an Input clamp with user adjustable gain and cable equalization.

LED indications are provided for signal presence and power.


RFR 1000 yellobrik central power connectors

RFR 1000

yellobrik 19″ 1RU Rack Frame

XLR 1000

4 Pin XLR Camera Battery Adapter Cable

Ordering Information

UPC / EANModelDescription
4250479321182DVA 17141>4 Analog Video/Sync Distributrion Amplifier
4250479310001RFR 10001RU 19" Chassis for 14 yellobriks
4250479315013RFR 1001 Single Module Mounting Bracket
4250479314016P-TAP 1000P-TAP Battery Power Adapter Cable
4250479314009XLR-1000 4 Pin XLR Battery Power Adapter Cable