PDM 5280

8 x AES (16 Channel) Audio Embedder / De-embedder (SD/HD/3G)


De-embedder, Digital Audio, embedder



  • Supports SDI formats up to 3Gbit (auto-detect)
  • Switch between 16 channel embedder or de-embedder or combination of both
  • 32 channel audio processing stage with adjustable gain, phase invert, mute and stereo to mono mixdown plus overload and silence detection
  • 32 x 32 mono output crossbar for embedder and external audio channel assignment
  • Selectable “Auto Pattern Function” with no input video the module will embed audio in a selectable test pattern
  • DolbyE Synchronizer to maintain Guard Band
  • Up to 62 frames of programmable delay
  • Up to 10 seconds audio delay (total)
  • Two versions available for balanced AES3 and unbalanced AES3id
  • All external audio inputs / outputs are transformer coupled
  • Remote control and status monitoring with LYNX APPolo control system
  • Hot swappable


The P DM 5280 is a versatile 16 channel (8 x AES) audio embedder and de-embedder, which can be used to address a variety of audio issues in broadcast. The module offers multiformat support for SDI formats up to 3Gbit/s (auto-detect).

The module can be switched between a 16 channel embedder or de-embedder, or used as a combination of both. 16 channels of audio are also de-embedded from the input SDI signal and passed into the audio processing stage. In embedder mode 16 channels of external audio are passed into the audio processing stage. Audio processing includes adjustable gain, phase invert and mute for all 32 channels as well as a selectable mono mixdown function for each left and right pair.

The processed audio is passed onto a 32 x 32 output crossbar where the audio for the embedder and the external outputs can be user mapped.

The module also provides up to 62 frames of programmable output delay adjustable in frames, lines and pixels.

Microprocessor control and on-board Flash RAM enable configurations and settings to be stored within the module. Remote control, status monitoring and error reporting is possible when using the LYNX APPolo Control System.


Ordering Information

UPC / EANModelDescription
4250479321908PDM 5280 U16 Channel AES Audio Embedder / De-embedder (unbalanced AES)
4250479321892PDM 5280 D16 Channel AES Audio Embedder / De-embedder (balanced AES)
4250479321410RFR 5041 US19" 1RU Rack Frame for 4 Modules + PSU
4250479324411RFR 5018 US2RU 19" Rack Frame + PSU for up to 10 Modules
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