Rack Controller Server Option


  • Plug in server option for the RCT 5023 G
  • Move the APPolo “hosting” from a PC to the Rack Controller
  • Facilitates a number of software plug in options


The plug in server option for the RCT 5023G (model# OH-RCT5023-SVR) removes the system host requirement from the APPolo PC and moves it into the RCT 5023 G controller itself. This is recommended for larger installations. (The APPolo PC(s) then become clients to the system). If required, second RCT 5023 G server can be installed into a system for redundant backup.

The server option is also required to support some of the advanced software extensions, which include:

Auto Control
The RCT 5023 G (with the server option) also supports the new AutoControl software plug in. This provides user programmable system automation. The automation is based on monitoring user defined events in the system which then triggers a defined reaction. AutoControl will function on internal system events and can also react with the outside world via multiple GPI and GPO interfaces. (Model# OC-AUTOCONTROL-BASE).

Custom Control
CustomControl facilitates the design of custom “virtual” control panels for the control and monitoring of the system and assigning these custom control surfaces to individual users and specific applications. Panels can also be deployed wirelessly to iPads using our free iPad APP (Model# OC-SERVER-CUSTOM CTR)

User Access Control + System Wide Backup and Restore
This option allows a system administrator to assign levels of access to the system via individual login credentials. It also provides a full system backup and restore utility which can be used for a full system backup, or a single module the backup is fully configurable. (Model # OC-RSL-FUNC)

Full SNMP Support and + Remote Control Protocol License
This option add full SNMP support to the system and also grants a license for the LYNX proprietary remote control protocol for installations where the LYNX hardware is required to interface with a third party system via custom software.(Model# OC-RSL-CTRL)

Redundant Server Support
If a second server is installed in the system then the server can be configured as a redundant server. This software is required to facilitate the redundant operation. (Model# OC-SERVER-REDUND)

Note. For those of you who are new to the LYNX control system please click here to view a number of application notes on the control system and the software options “Control System Overview” document. This will explain the LYNX control system concepts and

Ordering Information

UPC / EANModelDescription
4250479321441OH-RCT5023-SVRServer Plug in Upgrade for RCT 5023 G
Software Options
4250479321502OC-SERVER-CUSTOM CTRCustom Control Software
4250479321502OC-SERVER-CUSTOM CTRCustom Control Software
4250479321489OC-SERVER-AC-BASEAuto Control Software
4250479321472OC-RSL-CTRLSNMP + Remote Protocol Software
4250479321465OC-RSL-FUNCUser Access Control + Backup and Restore Software
4250479321496OC-SERVER-REDUNDRedundant Server Software
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