CAD 5135

Component Video A/D Converter (RGB/Y,Cr,Cb)


Analog SDTV, SDI 270MBit



  • High Quality 12 bit analog to digital conversion
  • RGB or Y,Cr,Cb inputs (selectable)
  • Differential inputs
  • 525 / 625 modes of operation – Auto detect
  • 27 MHz sampling (2 x oversampling)
  • Low pass video reconstruction filter
  • Integrated test signals
  • 4 x 10 bit SDI outputs SMPTE 259M-C
  • VCXO Genlock.
  • Proc amp with adjustable Gain, Saturation and Pedestal.
  • Horizontal video timing adjustment +/- 127 pixels
  • Adjustable delay in pixel and line increments (0.15 to 4 lines)
  • Integrated alphanumeric display and menu system for local configurations
  • Remote control and status monitoring when using the APPolo control system
  • Hot Swappable


Featuring high quality 12 bit A-D conversion with 2 x oversampling and a choice of RGB or Y,Cr,Cb component analog inputs the CAD 5135 provides a flexible cost effective solution for the most demanding high quality conversion applications.

The C AD 5135 utilizes the very latest analog and digital signal processing technology to provide unmatched performance and feature sets. Auto detecting multi-standard capability (PAL/NTSC), internal test patterns and an integrated 12 bit proc amp with adjustments for color balance, gain, saturation and pedestal adds to the module flexibility.

Input anti alias filtering with individual 12 bit conversion for each color component plus 2 x oversampling ensure the highest level of conversion quality for any component analog video source.

Horizontal video timing and also a output video delay adjustment of up to 6 lines facilitates input timing into downstream switchers and routers.

Microprocessor control and on board flash ram enable configurations and settings to be stored within the module (through power cycles and module removal). Local control capability is provided via the integrated alphanumeric display and control switch. Access to extended feature sets, remote control, status monitoring and error reporting is possible when using the APPolo control system.


Ordering Information

UPC / EANModelDescription
4250479321526CAD 5135Component Video A/D Converter
4250479324411RFR 5018 US2RU 19" Rack Frame + PSU for up to 10 Modules
4250479321410RFR 5014 US1RU 19" Rack Frame + PSU for up to 4 Modules
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