Reprogrammable Multi-Purpose Signal Processing Platform that Adapts with your Needs

March 6, 2019 – Weiterstadt, Germany – LYNX Technik AG®, provider of modular interfaces for broadcast and professional AV signal processing applications, announces today that it will be showcasing its award-winning multi-purpose signal processing platform, greenMachine at the upcoming NAB show on booth N2827.

greenMachine is designed to help broadcasters and media professionals achieve the ultimate in flexibility on how they manage their signal processing applications. greenMachine now offers a full menu of pre-defined configurations referred to as “Constellations.” These Constellations range anywhere from HDR conversion & processing, 4K up/down/cross conversion, frame synchronization, test signal generation, scaling, embedding/de-embedding, a host of audio processing configurations and so much more.

A solution, not just a product
greenMachine is more than just a product… it delivers solutions to address specific needs. A solution that can be programmed and deployed in mere seconds depending on what a broadcaster or media professional needs to accomplish. A menu of solutions that can be easily selected from an extensive menu of Constellation options all installed and ready to deploy inside every greenMachine. As LYNX Technik adds more Constellations, a user can simply download the new suite of available Constellations.

Simply reprogram greenMachine
Users can reprogram greenMachine by selecting their configuration depending on the application and how they need to use the greenMachine. Need test signal generation today for a live sports event, but frame synchronization with 4K conversion and audio embedding tomorrow? Users simply reprogram greenMachine via the local control panel or control software which provides free access to all available Constellations. If a Constellation is not yet licensed, then the user still has full access to all functionality to test and configure the new configuration. The ultimate “try before you buy” opportunity. Users have access to all fully featured and functional Constellations to make sure it’s what they need. The video output simply has a watermark until a license is purchased. Another unique benefit is that when two or more greenMachines are connected to the same network with a PC or Mac running our free greenGUI software, they form a “greenUniverse.” This Universe enables the greenMachines to freely share and transfer constellations between machines. The licensed constellations exist in the network “cloud” as an “instance” which is accessible by any machine if it is not being used by another greenMachine. If multiple machines need the same Constellation, users simply add more instances (or licenses) for that Constellation.

This shifts the paradigm and creates an efficient and cost effective way of designing systems and broadcast infrastructure that embraces scalable performance and adaptable applications minimizing hardware obsolescence. This adaptability and customization are the true unique and flexible heart of the greenMachine concept. Users have peace of mind that their hardware investment is safe now, and for the future.

LYNX Technik will exhibiting at NAB 2019, booth N2827 showcasing the greenMachine multi-purpose processing platform and demonstrating how Constellations bring true flexibility to a signal processing workflow.

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