HER Evie - Enhanced video image engine

Flexible Configurations

With a wide array of I/O possibilities the greenMachine can accommodate almost any type of conversion and connectivity required.

 Introducing HDR Evie

The World’s First

  • Real time “frame by frame” image analysis and correction
  • 1 Channel of 4K UHD, or 4 channels of 3G HD (Switchable)
  • Integrated frame synchronizer with up down cross conversion
  • 12G SDI 4K UHD or 2SI (quad 3G) inputs
  • 12G SDI Fiber I/O options
  • Supports open standards HLG, PQ, SDR and SLog3
  • Powered by greenMachine “titan”
  • Full local control or use the intuitive greenGUI software

There are a variety of HDR to SDR conversion tools available on the market today. All “real time” solutions use a static LUT (look up table) which is applies a single global correction across all the content. LYNX Technik also has such a solution “HDR Static” which delivers very impressive results, and is ideal for controlled environments such as TV studio and offline production.


However, for truly exceptional results which will automatically adapt for unexpected changes in image composition and brightness levels encountered in sports, news gathering or any live broadcast event, then frame by frame processing is required.


While solutions are available for “frame by frame” HDR to SDR conversions, this typically involves a post process which requires adjustment and definition of “metadata” for each frame, the metadata is then used in the real time playback of the content. This is both a time consuming and expensive process, and certainly not practical for live broadcast.


greenMachine HDR Evie addresses all these problems. We have implemented proprietary algorithms developed over the past few years in cooperation with the Technology team led by Professor Mike Christmann at Hochschule RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany. This solution has been extensively evaluated and tested by content providers and in live broadcast applications by major broadcasters. The results have proven exceptional, far superior to any HDR to SDR conversions available today.


When used for HD applications (up to 1080P/60) you have 4 completely independent processing channels available. Each with its own HDR conversion settings and image processing (e.g frame synchronizer)

Split Screens showing HDR Evie conversions

Below you can see some before and after split screens of HDR Evie. You can slide the wipe bar yourself.

Remember, HDR Evie is a dynamic “frame by frame” solution so please view the showreel to see HDR Evie in action across the entire scene.

See for yourself

Please view our show-reel which shows some examples of the capability of HDR Evie