DVD 5820

Dual 1>4 or 1>8 SDI Distribution Amplifier (SD/HD/3G)

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Distribution, SDI 3Gbit, SDI 1.5G, SDI 270MBit



  • Supports all SDI video formats
  • Supports ASI/DVB and SMPTE 310 streams
  • Dual channel 1>4 or flexible 1>8 mapping
  • Reclocking or non-reclocking mode (selectable)
  • Auto-detect input video standard
  • Transparently pass data between 15Mbit/s and 3Gbit/s in non re-clocked mode
  • Input presence detection with LED indication
  • Version available with power fail relay connecting input to output
  • Remote control and status monitoring when used with the APPolo control system
  • Hot Swappable


The DVD 5820 can be configured as a single channel 1>8 or dual channel 1>4 SDI distribution amplifier. Each channel can be set to reclocking or non-reclocking mode. This module is ideally suited for demanding digital multi-format broadcast and professional applications..

The module auto-detects the input video standard with support for all SDI video formats up to 3Gbit/s. In non re-clocked mode the module will transparently pass any data between 15Mbit/s and 3Gbit/s. Support for ASI/DVB and SMPTE 310 signals is also provided.

Local settings are provided via an integrated dip switch on the card edge. A version of the module is available (DVD 5820 R) with a integrated mechanical bypass relays which will connect each input to one of the outputs in each channel in the event of a power failure.

Remote control, status monitoring and error reporting is possible when using the APPolo control system.


Ordering Information

UPC / EANModelDescription
4250479321663DVD 5820Dual 1>4 or 1>8 SDI Distribution Amplifier (SD/HD/3G)
4250479321670DVD 5820 RDual 1>4 or 1>8 SDI Distribution Amplifier with Bypass Relays (SD/HD/3G)
4250479324411RFR 5018 US2RU 19" Rack Frame + PSU for up to 10 Modules
4250479321410RFR 5014 US1RU 19" Rack Frame + PSU for up to 4 Modules