OTR 5444

12G SDI Quad Fiber Transceiver


SDI 1.5G, SDI 12G, SDI 3Gbit, SDI 6G


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  • 4 channels of SDI electrical to optical or SDI optical to electrical conversion
  • 4 x Optical Transceivers (TR)
  • 4 x High-density BNCs (can be used as inputs or outpus, switchable)
  • Incoming and outgoing 12G SDI signals are reclocked.
  • Input presence detection with LED indication
  • Microprocessor controlled with internal flash RAM for storing configuration
  • Remote control, status monitoring and error reporting when used with LYNX Appolo Control System
  • Hot swappable


The OTR 5444 is a quad-channel SDI fiber Transceiver module suitable for SDI video signals up to 12Gbit/s.It has four independent channels which can be configured as fiber transmitters or receivers featuring automatic input clock rate and signal presence detection.

This module is ideally suited for demanding high-quality broadcast and professional video applications. It consists of four 12G SDI high-density micro BNC electrical interfaces, which allows the user to set the direction of the signal flow. It also consists of four 12G SDI optical inputs and four 12G SDI optical outputs arranged in the optical TR slots.

Designed for the use in SERIES 5000, OTR 5444 is part of CardModules, which offers high quality, modularity and flexibility in a small form factor ideal for applications where space is at a premium. Like other 5000 series CardModules, this module is fully integrated into the LYNX APPolo Control system, which provides remote control, status monitoring and error reporting for the module.



3Gbit SDI Fiber Optic Transceiver


12G SDI Fiber Optic Transceiver


3Gbit SDI Fiber Optic Transceiver – CWDM (40km)

Ordering Information

UPC / EANModelDescription
4250479327801OTR 5844Quad 12G SDI Transceiver
4250479324411RFR 5018 US2RU 19" Rack Frame + PSU for up to 10 Modules
3G Basic Fiber Option
4250479318137OH-TR-13G SDI TR Fiber SFP
12G Basic Fiber Option
4250479325029OH-TR-1212G SDI TR Fiber SFP
13G SDI CWDM Options
4250479312708OH-TR-4-1270 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1270nm
4250479312906OH-TR-4-1290 3GSDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1290nm
4250479313101OH-TR-4-1310 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1310nm
4250479313309OH-TR-4-1330 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1330nm
4250479313507OH-TR-4-1350 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1350nm
4250479313705OH-TR-4-1370 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1370nm
4250479313903OH-TR-4-1390 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1390nm
4250479314108OH-TR-4-1410 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1410nm
4250479314306OH-TR-4-1430 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1430nm
4250479314504OH-TR-4-1450 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1450nm
4250479314702OH-TR-4-1470 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1470nm
4250479314900OH-TR-4-1490 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1490nm
4250479315105OH-TR-4-1510 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1510nm
4250479315303OH-TR-4-1530 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1530nm
4250479315501OH-TR-4-1550 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1550nm
4250479315709OH-TR-4-1570 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1570nm
4250479315907OH-TR-4-1590 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1590nm
4250479316102OH-TR-4-1610 3G SDI Transceiver SFP (CWDM) 1610nm
12G SDI CWDM Options
4250479326552OH-TR-12-127012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1270nm
4250479326569OH-TR-12-129012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1290nm
4250479326576OH-TR-12-131012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1310nm
4250479326583OH-TR-12-133012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1330nm
4250479326682OH-TR-12-135012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1350nm
4250479326699OH-TR-12-137012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1370nm
4250479326705OH-TR-12-139012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1390nm
4250479326712OH-TR-12-141012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1410nm
4250479326729OH-TR-12-143012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1430nm
4250479326736OH-TR-12-145012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1450nm
4250479326743OH-TR-12-147012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1470nm
4250479326750OH-TR-12-149012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1490nm
4250479326767OH-TR-12-151012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1510nm
4250479326774OH-TR-12-153012G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1530nm
4250479326781OH-TR-12-1550 12G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1550nm
4250479326798OH-TR-12-1570 12G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1570nm
4250479326804OH-TR-12-1590 12G SDI TR Fiber SFP (CWDM) 1590nm
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