Increase system security and reliability by adding a second server to the APPolo control system. This software package manages the redundant servers for automatic changeover in the event of a failure

The APPolo server option (OH-RCT5023-SVR) provides a host of additional features which greatly increasRedundant-Serverses the functionality of the APPolo Control System. With such a lot of key system functionality resting on a single server then there is some risk as this becomes a critical single point of failure for the system. The Redundant Control software package allows for the seamless integration of a second server into the system which, if the primary ever fails, will automatically hand over control to the backup server

The Redundant Control Server provides the following functionality.

  • The redundant servers synchronize with each other automatically
  • Automatic changeover should the primary server unit fail
  • Available as software option (OC-SERVER-REDUND).

Please refer to the user guide on the right for a more detailed overview



NOTE Requires a second OH-RCT5023-SVR is installed somewhere in the system (on the same network) – additional server hardware is not included (software only)

NOTE: These are enabled with license codes entered into the basic APPolo package


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4250479321496OC-SERVER-REDUNDRedundant Server Software Package