CustomControl is a software option which supports the design of custom virtual control panels which can be deployed on the network to individual users. APP available for the iPad to allow for wireless control

With The CustomControl option you can now design and deploy your own custom control interface.

This greatly simplifies system operation and visualization. This is accomplished with a simple, intuitive graphic editing tool, no programming required. This greatly simplifies system operation and visualization. This is accomplished with a simple, intuitive graphic editing tool.


Simple 2 Step Process..


 1. Design.

Designing a custom control interface could not be easier, LYNX provides you with an intuitive PC editor. Simply drag and drop the desired control into your workspace and assign the control to a specific module function.

A custom control interface can be as simple as a solitary button or slider, or a complex multi-level control surface with many integrated controls. There is virtually no limit to the design possibilities.

  2. Deploy.

Once a control surface has been designed it can be deployed in the system for anyone to use. A user simply logs into the APPolo system and selects the control surface. Now the operator has a custom control surface which only presents the information and access to the system functions they need

Custom control panels can be deployed to any device on the network, and portable wireless access is possible using our our free iPad application, which can be accessed from the Apple store.

Design and deploy as many custom control designs as you like within your APPolo network.



Custom-ControlAny parameter of all the modules within the APPolo control system can be controlled or monitored via the virtual control panels

  • Design a comprehensive panel with the zoom in and out feature of the felxGUI
  • The virtual control panels can be assigned to one or more users.
  • Access the panels either from a PC or with an iPad
  • Add virtual control panels to the classical APPolo GUI main control view
  • Easy to use panel configurator
  • Available as software option (OC-SERVER-CUSTOM CTR) for the OH-RCT5023-SERVER. Can be activated at any time.

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iPad Control

  • control your infrastructure from anywhere
  • access control by login
  • to LYNX Server

Any Panel Layout

any panel layout
  • Can be published to individual user(s)

Intuitive Editor

  • Part of the regular APPolo GUI

Note: This software package requires a server plug in option is present in the system see here

NOTE: These are enabled with license codes entered into the basic APPolo package

Ordering Information

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4250479321502OC-SERVER-CUSTOM CTRCustom Control Editor for one Server