User Access Control

User Management utility to configure user access and specific permissions in a system. Also includes a fully featured Backup and Restore utility.

APPolo User Management

user--managementThe APPolo User Management Guide describes the new and much simplified way of automatically connecting a LYNX APPolo GUI to all LYNX Servers in a network. This guide also explains the new possibilities of user access control that make the APPolo GUI an even more flexible tool to provide tailor-made UIs for different applications and operation situations.


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Backup and Restore

This powerful utility allows the user to backup module settings in the system to a file on the APPolo PC host / client

This can be used for complete system backup, or can be tailored to any part of the system down to an individual module.

Along with the obvious need to store a backup for security reasons in the event the system of part of the system has a hardware failure this utility can also be used as an operational tool. Often a system will be configured and setup for a specific production, and that system is required to shared between multiple applications needing different configurations. Simply take a backup of the system settings for one configuration and then restore those settings the next time the system is needed for that specific application.

This can be a essential time saving tool as some of the more complex LYNX modules have upward of 800 user settings which may have been configured and fine tuned for a specific production






Both of these software utilities are combined into one package, ordering information below.

Note: This software package requires a server plug in option is present in the system see here

NOTE: These are enabled with license codes entered into the basic APPolo package


Ordering Information

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4250479321465OC-RSL-FUNCUser Access Control + Backup & Restore Software Package