APPolo | Control

The LYNX APPolo control system is a powerful yet simple solution in terms of implementation and use. This facilitates remote control, status monitoring and error reporting of ALL connected LYNX hardware within one centralized system.

The APPolo control system software can be configured to run in simulation mode. Now you can test drive the software and see how intuitive and easy to use it is. The simulated system has all of our current Series | 5000 CardModules spread throughout multiple simulated racks. All the module GUIs are fully operational and its even possible to simulate alarm conditions. This will also show the extended feature sets and wide range of adjustments we provide for all our modules

Click here to download the APPolo software

APPolo Products:

APPolo flexGUI

The new flexGUI user interface radically improves the user experience using APPolo. Featuring immersive and interactive functional diagrams.


CustomControl is a software option which supports the design of custom virtual control panels which can be deployed on the network to individual users. APP available for the iPad to allow for wireless control


AutoControl for APPolo is a radical advancement for infrastructure control and automation. Most facilities use automation yet generally do not have the ability to automate static terminal equipment.


Increase system security and reliability by adding a second server to the APPolo control system. This software package manages the redundant servers for automatic changeover in the event of a failure


All functions of the APPolo Control System can be controlled remotely by 3rd party systems. Available as software option

User Access Control

User Management utility to configure user access and specific permissions in a system. Also includes a fully featured Backup and Restore utility.


The control system is a combination of hardware controllers for the rack frames, and a desktop client software application.

Once APPolo is installed, the software automatically discovers all connected LYNX hardware and configures itself to display a full hierarchy of the connected racks and modules. Clicking on a device brings up its dedicated GUI display. The graphical representation of the modules shows internal connections and signal flow in the form of an easy to read block diagram. This greatly simplifies the understanding of a module’s function and shows the signal flow from input to output.

For a more detailed technical overview of the control system in terms of hardware, software, configuration, implementation and architecture, click on the image below to open the control system overview white paper PDF.