All functions of the APPolo Control System can be controlled remotely by 3rd party systems. Available as software option (OC-RSL-CTRL).

Two different IP-based protocols are available.

SNMP Control

  • Full SNMPv2 supportRemote-Control
  • Standard SNMP get/set/walk for any parameter of any module within the system
  • Standard SNMP trap for any internal event (configurable)
  • SNMP MIB files (interface description) available from here.

(click image on right to open SNMP user guide PDF)

LYNX IP-Remote Control Protocol

  • Opens simple and powerful network-based control API for access to any aspect of the complete system
  • Control any LYNX module via 3rd party control software (e.g. VSM, KSC, Dataminer, etc.)