PTG 5610

“Testor” – SD/HD Video and AES Test Signal Generator


Digital Audio, SDI 1.5G, SDI 270MBit



  • Multiformat operation. SDTV and HDTV formats.
  • Two independent SDI outputs (can have different patterns).
  • Large library of static and dynamic patterns.
  • Load additional patterns suing the compact flash slot (option)
  • 4 x External AES outputs with 16 channel embedder for each SDI output.
  • 8 channel user programmable audio generator.
  • Genlock input, multi format and cross lock compatible.
  • One frame of adjustable output timing for video and sync outputs.
  • Includes EBU A/V sync pattern for transmission alive and audio lip sync tests.
  • Real time Zoneplate generator for choma and luma with user adjustable H and V center frequency.
  • Multiformat analog sync output.
  • Free run as sync generator or genlock to house sync
  • All AES outputs are transformer coupled (isolated)
  • 48KHz Word Clock output.
  • Local control via matrix display and menu system
  • Remote control and status monitoring via APPolo control system


The PTG 5610 is a versatile multiformat video and AES test generator which can generate video test signals in 525/625 plus HDTV formats.

Provides 2 independent simultaneous video outputs with 4 channels of external AES plus 16 channels of embedded audio with user adjustable frequency, audio gain, and bit depth plus selectable momentary pause (silence) for left and right channels to assist with left and right channel ID.

The module Includes a large library of internal test patterns, including the dynamic EBU A/V Sync pattern which can be used for “transmission alive” and audio video lip sync testing. Other dynamic patterns includes a real-time luma and chroma zoneplate generator and LCD persistence test.

Additional test patterns can be loaded via the compact flash slot (option) and even user defined using the standard DPX file format. Each output can have an independent user defined character overlay.

Genlock input is cross lock compatible and will lock to SDTV bi level or HDTV tri level sync with one frame of adjustable input timing for SYNC and Video timing. Analog sync output can be bi level or tri level and decoupled from output format.

The module include a local matrix and menu system for local control. All settings are stored in Flash RAM and will survive power cycles and long term storage. PC remote control and status monitoring possible when using the APPolo control system.

The module includes the EBU AV Sync Pattern. This is a dynamic (moving) pattern which can be used for  a host of video and audio verification uses including audio / video timing (lip sync) Please click here to find out more about this pattern.


Ordering Information

UPC / EANModelDescription
4250479322387PTG 5610 BSD/HD Video and Audio Test Generator - (unbalanced AES3id on BNC)
4250479322394PTG 5610 DSD/HD Video and Audio Test Generator - (balanced AES3 on SubD)
4250479324411RFR 5018 US2RU 19" Rack Frame + PSU for up to 10 Modules
4250479321410RFR 5014 US1RU 19" Rack Frame + PSU for up to 4 Modules
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