yellobrik Firmware Updates

We provide free firmware updates so you can always keep your yellobriks up to date

There is an easy way to check if your yellobrik firmware is up to date. Download and install the free yelloGUI software application and register the software. Click here to download the yelloGUI software

Update Firmware using yelloGUI

If you have an internet connection when you connect a module the yelloGUI application will automatically check our update servers in Germany and flag you if there is a new firmware update available. You simply click to download and update.


Manual Update (only for Windows XP and Windows 7)

If you are using Windows XP or Windows 7 you have the option to update the modules manually, and below you will find a directory of all the firmware version we have available for download from our server.

If using Windows 8 or Windows 10 then firmware updates can only be accomplished using the yelloGUI Software.

if using Win XP / Win 7 then Please view the PDF below for instructions on manual firmware updates.


Download Latest Firmware

Open the folder to see all the firmware revisions available for that module

Have Questions or Problems ?

Please open a ticket in our support system by clicking here